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Dr. Can Apak

This remedy is an age old Turkish remedy and has been tried on over 100 children and adults that I know of. It has been effective on all except two who had extremely inflamed tonsils. About 8 patients needed reapplication. The rest were cured completely.
The recipe is:
Black pepper: 1 tea spoon full (Use ground black pepper)
Ammonium Chloride (NH4Cl): 1 tea spoon full
(Ammonium Chloride is a salt with sour taste. In Middle East countries, it is taken to aid digestion)

1. Grind the two ingredients together into a fine powder.Best done by a mortar and pestle.
2. Place a small amount (size of 3-4 rice grains) to the tip of a drinking straw.
3. Open the patients’ mouth and blow the powder from close distance onto one of the tonsils.
4. Repeat it with the other tonsil.
5. Don’t let the patient eat or drink anything for at least 20 minutes after application.
6. Repeat the treatment after 2 days.
Patient usually never gets tonsillitis after this treatment.

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if someone blows through a straw onto your tonsil,will that not just put germs from their mouth, directly onto your tonsil. Ie their breath and possibly spit


Have tonsils removed that is a guaranteed cure after all your body don't need tonsils. But should a women endure it for few days complaining another good remedy is shove a cock in mouth cream up her

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Randy you are such an idiot. Leave if you don't need home remedies. By the way shove that up your a..

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