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To Kill Fleas On Any Animal: Simple, I use the brand Dawn dishwashing liquid. Other brands would probably work, I don't know. ''Totally Wet Animal With Dawn''. Rub Dawn directly and throughly onto the animal until the animal is totally dry of the dawn by constant massaging the animal. I apply to the belly, chest then under both arms 1st; the back starting next to tail then upwards, then tail and entire neck 2nd. The legs and feet 3rd. Apply just a little bit around and in the ear flap leaving the head and eyes alone. If needed, apply very little to entire head then rub dry. Once you 1st start applying Dawn, the fleas smell the Dawn and are on the move away by crawling or jumping, so, work fast as possible. When you think it's time to bathe your animal/s also bathe them in Dawn without toatally rinsing them of the Dawn. Just regular blue Dawn is totally harmless to your animal/s. I have used it on 4 of my full grown dogs (my babies) since birth plus others through the years and they are and stay flea free. During cold weather, fleas must hibernate because you won't view them as much to none. Also, if you think your house have fleas, near their bedding and other places you can place a pan on the floor with a Dawn and water mix then place a small light over the mixture. The light attracts the fleas, they fall in and die. Hope this advice helps.

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Yes this does work to suffocate the fleas but its so bad for the dogs coat, it dries them so bad can create other problems.


Blue Dawn is the best non poisonous treatment for fleas, but you should never leave Dawn on any pet for more than 10 minutes. Treat your pet for 10 minutes then rinse pet thoroughly.

Mixing 2 to 4 tablespoons of Dawn with water in a spray bottle to rid carpets and bedding of fleas. Use the spray to kill flies or any pest including roaches, wasps, spiders, and ants!

Why breathe the fumes of poisonous chemicals when Dawn will do the trick much more economically?

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