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Unapologetic Mommy

To prevent thumb sucking, simply breastfeed your child from day 1 and do not force them to wean. Biologically, humans are desifned to nurse until age 6 or 7, when the baby teeth have fallen out (just like every other mammal in existance) so if your child feels the need to nurse until age 4 then you need to let them. Thumb sucking and/or pacifier use is a direct result of insecurities and lack of attachment to mommy. If your child uses either of these methods and you formula fed, then they are missing the security that they should have gotten as an infant. Shame on you.

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Measured Objector

You're shaming people? As little as I support some of the more profane reactions to your post (Unapologetic Mommy), your approach doesn't even feign perspective, and your aggression and single-mindedness is as objectionable as those who fail to think.

Miss Amanda

Wow, you are clearly an egocentric ignorant bitch. Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing and I am not protesting that thought. However, not every moment is granted the gift to Breastfeed. Either lack of milk production or for safety reasons due to medication can effect the choice to breastfeed. Your pompous singleminded view on this matter is repulsive. I can only hope that someday you will be confronted, judged, and belittled by someone, just as you have done to other mothers. Shame in YOU.


Thanks to all the other moms who commented I feel a little better. I was not able to breastfeed my son, he had trouble breathing at birth and had to stay in the NICU for a week. We lost that first week of bonding and I was thinking it was my fault when I first came across this post looking for an answer of why my son is sucking his thumb. He is my first child and everything is new to both of us. So thank you for sharing all your comments it helped


That is the biggest crock of (and RUDE)CRAP I have ever read. I hope you didn't raise these kids you breastfeed with the same crudeness.


I wonder how many kids you force breast fed. IF moms can yes it is wonderful. It does NOT always lead to thumb sucking if babies get formula. Please do some research before you think about opening your mouth on a forum.


Seriously, thumb sucking lack of attachment to mummy.

Very ignorant comment. Many kids are well breastfed and suck their thumbs or finger. And judging by your user name I know that you shall remain ignorant


The only person I know who sucked her thumb through adulthood was breastfed and weaned herself.


I'm sorry, but this is completely untrue. I couldn't nurse my daughter very long, but have nursed my son now for two years. Both of my children suck their thumbs. My son was solely nursed until we started him on baby cereal at 6 months. He started sucking his thumb at 8 weeks, and has ever since. So it may have worked for you, but is not a factual statement that will work for everyone. Despite being breastfed and continually being breastfed, he still started sucking and has continued to suck his thumb.


Shame on you?! Unfortunately, some mother's must work and are unable to breastfeed for months/years. This is America and in our society women work. Try using the sensitivity you reserve for your children for working moms. Nothing is written in stone. You'd understand if you worked.

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