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Unapologetic Mommy

To prevent thumb sucking, simply breastfeed your child from day 1 and do not force them to wean. Biologically, humans are desifned to nurse until age 6 or 7, when the baby teeth have fallen out (just like every other mammal in existance) so if your child feels the need to nurse until age 4 then you need to let them. Thumb sucking and/or pacifier use is a direct result of insecurities and lack of attachment to mommy. If your child uses either of these methods and you formula fed, then they are missing the security that they should have gotten as an infant. Shame on you.

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this is insulting to all mothers. Some women are not able to conceive a child and tell me miss know it do you breastfeed in this situation. I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls who we adopted and neither one was breastfed , hey only 1 sucks her thumb.
They feel loved and secure, so that's not it. It's called self soothing and part of process for most kids.
Don't judge others on something you are obviously ignorant about,

concerned mom

You are an idiot. My child was exclusively breastfed and started sucking her thumb as soon as she good get her fingers in her mouth. Saying a prayer for your poor children. I imagine they are going to turn out pretty jacked up with a nut like you in charge.


Not true, I nursed and still that a thumb sucker. Shame on YOU for being a judgmental person. Who are you but just another imperfect human being to judge others..


Dumbest thing I have ever read!

Back to sender

So unhelpful

Terri D.

We saw our first born sucking her thumb on the ultrasound. EN UTERO!

Breast is the best but but it has nothing to do with thumbsucking.


My daughter breast fed for a long time AND was sucking her thumb since before birth. I DO NOT believe it's a lack of attachment issue!! Some kids get a blanket, some another type of lovie and my child's "security blanket" is her thumb. I hate it and we're trying to curve the habit but it's not about lack of attachment w the mom.

Not a bad Mom!!

You are an inconsiderate woman and intolerant of others. I cannot imagine a woman shaming another. I guess in your opinion I am a horrible, defective mother because 1. I desperately tried to breastfeed but never produced enough milk to despite all the tips and tricks I tried so I had to feed my daughter formula, and 2. she sucks her thumb.


Wow you're a terrible, judgmental individual. Coming from a mom who breastfed two children.


Utter rubbish, shame on you being so nasty!

I breastfed my daughter until she was 9months, she chose to stop, she's now 4 and sucks her thumb when she is tired. I now have twin boys aged 6 weeks, both breastfed one of them sucks his thumb.

If any mum with and ounce of self doubt has read this comment you could cause such damage to them and their family!

If that same mum is reading this, you're amazing and however you choose to feed your baby doesn't matter because at least they are being fed! Mummies feeding by breast or bottle - you are wonderful!

Original post writer - I dread to think what your life must be like to have to put this, I feel sorry for you

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