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Unapologetic Mommy

To prevent thumb sucking, simply breastfeed your child from day 1 and do not force them to wean. Biologically, humans are desifned to nurse until age 6 or 7, when the baby teeth have fallen out (just like every other mammal in existance) so if your child feels the need to nurse until age 4 then you need to let them. Thumb sucking and/or pacifier use is a direct result of insecurities and lack of attachment to mommy. If your child uses either of these methods and you formula fed, then they are missing the security that they should have gotten as an infant. Shame on you.

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Hi I nurse my child until she was one year old. She stopped on her own, I believe she was not getting enough milk from me. She started to suck not her thumb, but index and middle finger, when she was 2 month old she did this out confront not necessary out lack of insecurity.


I have nursed all of my children on demand until about age 3. One of them was sucking his thumb as we viewed him via ultrasound. Then he came out of the womb sucking his thumb and hasn't stopped. I don't think his is an issue of attachment. But your condescending opinion is certainly interesting.


Ridiculous, unfounded, bias answer. But thanks for making me feel better about my choices.


My little one nursed from day one. I always had a very healthy milk supply. She nursed very shallow and not long and now eats like a bird (she's two.) She would pull off when done nursing in preference of her thumb which did not squirt liquid at her when she just wanted to satisfy her sucking reflex.

I find your comment extremely unhelpful and unsupportive of mothers.

Andrew's Momma

This guy above me is hilarious, your husband probably does hate you! If you are even still married. Women like you give us all a bad name and are the reason the divorce rate in the USA is so high. I bet your kids where moccasins and you claim to only feed them organic food - then I see you at Burger King.

one of God's Warrior s.♥

First off, everything you say negative about someone or their choice s, WILL FALL BACK ON YOU. Trust me it happen to me before I had my daughter I was a judgmental, selfish, & immature in thinking. Thought my way was better and everyone else s were wrong. Well, God, u no does have a sense of humor, showed me that I was wrong in my attitude & way of selfish, blunt thinking. I couldn't stand to see a 3, 4, 5 yr. Ol with a nunpee/pacifier. I just wanted to blame the moma,'whats wrong with her, that dont make no sense.' Jesus broke that for me. U cant get any closer than me and my 5 yr.ol lil girl. U have to use a crow bar to separate us sometimes. Gettin to the Point. . She still uses a nupee (even has a name). But point it fail bck on me. Watch who u judge bc one day it WILL FALL BCK ON U. I THANK GOD EVERYDAY Im NOT THAT PERSON NO MORE. WHAT A PEACE I HAVE NOW.


Wow you nasty


Hmm....I find it very sad the person who wrote the original comment appears to assume that they know everything. Every situation is different and more importantly every child is different. My son sucks his thumb and had been sucking on it since he was in the womb (we saw him on an ultrasound). I was unable to continue to breastfeed him from 3months due to his health needs. If i had been a mother who had doubts about my mothering abilities then i would not have taken the original comment very well. Just a piece of advice for the future....before you try to judge other people just remember everyone is different and what may work for you may not work for the next person. And if you are still in doubt about what to say then just say nothing.

Disappointed in unapologetic mommy

Shame on you for judging people and trying to make them feel bad. Some of us were not able to nurse and not for lack of trying. You should be ashamed of yourself!


Ouch, why so harsh? My kids are adopted, didn't have the option to breast feed unfortunately. They both thumb sucked. One gave it up on her own, the other still hasn't. Your post sadly assumes that everyone has the privilege of breast feeding. Next time, perhaps you could spend more time thinking about what and how you would like to post an opinion. People will think better of you...

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