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The SEEMINGLY INCURABLE JOCK ITCH CURE! (4 months and finally over)

Okay, so I've been going through these forums for 4 months and as usual a combination of these remedies is what I have found that has finally worked.

PREFACE:First off you should be aware that constant reintroduction of the fungus that causes this stuff will make it way harder to cure. And your source might be coming from a few unlikely places.
1. A lady. Seriously, this was my problem. She had it and every time we had sex the fungus was reintroduced. She refused to believe she was carrying it since she had no detectable symptoms and I wouldn't have suspected till I did some research. She finally had a pap smear and they tested for things. Boom, she had it. We stopped having sex for a bit and my rash improved significantly. The upside is I can give her crap about it whenever I want to now. HA!
2. A baby. You can get this from your newborn. Wash your hands, use hand cleaner with alcohol after changing them. My friend had this happen. Babies are gross.
3. And then THE more Likely places, the gym, dirty clothes, dirty sheets, not showering enough, all the classic places. (when washing linens use BORAX)
4. Also be aware of anything new you might be using thats screwing up your skin, new brand of detergent, soap. All that stuff. It's a fairly common cause of irritation.

Okay! Here are my proven cures after trying just about EVERYTHING on the forums. So,Store bought crap like tin actin doesn't seem to do much. It sucks. Antiseptic gels and whips irritate the skin down there too much to help (it just creates a more sensitive place for fungus to eventually grow). In fact most the things that are strong enough to kill the fungus are too much for your skin to handle so You injure your skin in the process of killing the fungus thus making a better environment for the fungus to come back. Its very frustrating in that way.

WHAT WORKED FOR ME: (The double sided attack)
1. Eating tons of fresh garlic. I put it in food and tea. Minced up, about 3-6 cloves a day. Not bulbs, cloves. Still, a lot. You will stink but this works. its an anti fungal that seeps through your pores attacking from the inside.
2. Bourdeaux's Baby Butt cream Extra Strength (FOR THE SURFACE OF YOUR SKIN). This stuff is amazing and is better than any supposed adult jock itch product around. Its super heavy duty and doesn't rub off or wear away easily. Apply once to twice a day and completely wash away the old stuff when you re-apply each time..
3. Getting rid of anti-bacterial soap. Weird, I know but through this I learned that one of the main reasons your skin is letting fungus on to it in the first place is that the natural bacteria on the surface of your body may have gotten out of whack. So to completely erase them all is a bad thing. What you want is to restore the balance and using more gentle but effective means is the way to go. Once again, antibacterial stuff is a temporary fix, your rash will come back worse in a couple days and you will regret it. I had to switch to non antibacterial soap without perfumes and crap in it. Dr broners soap with peppermint is great. Peppermint is a really mild anti fungal and doesn't further irritate.
4. Time and diligence: unfortunately you gotta wait for this regiment to work and stick with it strictly. Even one day of camping and skipping showers can really set you back. I'd say you have about 2 weeks before you see results if you stick to this and then you are gonna have to continue treating for about 2 months after things calm down. I MEAN THIS. It sucks, i know.

Other things that seemed to help but weren't totally effective.
1. Non-alcohol whipes. Once again, i think it was a little too much and made things worse eventually.If you go this route use very sparingly and in emergency cases.
2. Chlorine pools. Seemed to make things a bit better for a few days, but in the end not really a cure.
3. Sun exposure. UV does definitely help. But I don't have the time or opportunity to sit in the sun naked for an hour every day. So thats off the list.
4. Tea Tree. Helps but is just too strong. Might do more harm then good if constantly applied.
5. Not eating sugar or carbs. I think this helped a bit and is probably just a good lifestyle choice in general so go for it. But I didn't find it made the HUGE difference at all. If anything, just stop drinking beer. thats the worst for this condition. Bummer, I know.

So there ya go. I feel like a tried it all. Do the main cures I listed and stick to them like crazy. The bottom list are remedies that I would take like suggestions rather than solid advice.

And lastly ONCE AGAIN...

Stay away from nasty ladies! I consider this an unofficial STD now after those repeated exposures! Obviously I have a gross gross girlfriend. And I will make sure to remind her of this everyday since she gave me such a hard time about this early on. :)

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from what I've read its more common for men to get jock ich/ ring worm than women. That must have been one SKANK of a girlfriend you were with!!!


That must mean my boyfriend is gross too cuz he gotsb it too. Lol funny info!mi


Anybody that says babies are gross have major issues..I hope you keep the jock itch


it sounds like you actually gave the fungus to your girlfriend if she wasn't showing any signs yet and it takes awhile to spread from the inside out dumbass.

Dung Detector

Hey Idiot:

Everyone has fungus all over their body. It's ubiquitous (look up the word idiot).

So your girlfriend didn't "give it to you." That's like me infecting you with "dead skin."

It's just for whatever reason (maybe because you're a horse's butt) it takes hold in some people.

So, why don't you try this remedy? Swing a dead cat above your head and then put a tin foil hat on and go to your job picking mushrooms.

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