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I tried taking extra strength tylenol, ibuprophen and even Codine 2, they barely working and only temporarily but not enough to even get some rest. After reading several posts I decided to combine a couple of mentioned methods: crushing aspirin, tylenol ect and applying directly to tooth and using mouthwash.

Crushed up 600M Ibuprophen, mixed with colgate muthwash, made a thick paste, applied directly to infected tooth, pain instantly, nearly gone! Much beter than taking aspirin, ibuprophen, tylenol ect, none of those worked for me. Right now my pain went from 10/10 to about 2/10, I still feel minor discomfort but not nearly as bad as it was.

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Omg. Yes this one works. I didn't have ibuprofen so I used Aleve but this DEFINITELY does the trick... just tried this. Thank you.


You must see a dentist asap regardless of how you ease the pain

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