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I tried taking extra strength tylenol, ibuprophen and even Codine 2, they barely working and only temporarily but not enough to even get some rest. After reading several posts I decided to combine a couple of mentioned methods: crushing aspirin, tylenol ect and applying directly to tooth and using mouthwash.

Crushed up 600M Ibuprophen, mixed with colgate muthwash, made a thick paste, applied directly to infected tooth, pain instantly, nearly gone! Much beter than taking aspirin, ibuprophen, tylenol ect, none of those worked for me. Right now my pain went from 10/10 to about 2/10, I still feel minor discomfort but not nearly as bad as it was.

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How long do I leave it on, can u tell me how to do it please.


Great remedy I suffered 10 day used 60 amoxiclin 500 cap, hundreds of ibrufen and other pain killers , doctor was asking $1600 for root canal and saying it may work but this method worked within seconds of applying (500mg asprin+ thooth paste).
10 out of 10


Hope it works my pain is 10/10 about to try it!!


Thanks a lot!
It does works, it numbs the area, the pain is mostly gone!
anything for inflammation/swelling due to tooth infection/ache, at least until I get to see a dentist?


Thank you, this works my husband was in so much pain... it worked thank you

dawn e.

My husband has been in agony for days... I made him try this and it totally worked!!! Thank you.. now we can both get sleep!!! We used scope instead of colgate.


Thank you! My Fiance was in agony, no available after hour dentist in my area and it has 100% works. I don't normally comment on the internet but after finding this I had to comment. Looking forward to some rest. Thank you again!!!


Does it work more than once?


Cant believe this has worked better than everything else I have tried. We didn't have ibuprofen tablet so has to resort to children's liquid and mixed it with mouthwash and it worked instantly. Now to get some sleep as I see the dentist in the morn. Thanks!!1


Do u think a Morton 600 will work. Or a lorcet 10. Work with warm water an salt please respond my tooth is killing me. Thank u much

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