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Hello everyone. These remedies work well, but no one here seems to know exactly why. So I thought I would share.

Acidic applications like Apple Cider Vinegar, Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, etc. work because the level of acidy causes the skin to produce new skin cells faster than normal – which is faster than the virus can infect new cells. Eventually it will push the roots the virus has caused to the surface.

Duct Tape and similar items work because the rubber adhesive used stimulates the body’s immune system to attack the virus deeper in the layers of skin than it would normally be able to reach. It has little to do with restricting oxygen (lower skin cells get oxygen from the blood, surface skin cells are dead and have no oxygen needs) although the additional irritation trapped moisture causes to the skin may help. Tape that uses acrylic or other adhesive is found to be of little benefit so be sure to avoid clear duct tape.

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These threads have been a good source of information. Its good to see there are so many options for natural and homemade recipes. Essential oils have long be recognized in holistic cirlces. At, we premix oils so you don't have to buy all the oils individually and mix yourself, which can be a bit expensive.

Mike Collalto

I think the wart virus itself causes increase in production of skin to form a callous over it.

I would disagree that vinegar or any other stimulates this production of skin.

I can now spot a wart under thickened skin now as it is a dead giveaway that a plantar might be under it.

Keeping the wound moist and sterile is important so that while the wart tissue is dying, the skin underneath is not stressed or cracked/torn by necrotic or dry skin on top as it is dying.

I suppose there are essential oils would be of double assistance to this end being antiseptic in action according to the oil used. The health of the immune system of the person undergoing their treatment as well is probably an important consideration. In my case i wanted to be certain there would be no secondary infection and 3rd degree burns creme, Silver Sulfadiazene, did a fantastic job of keeping the healthy new skin moist and crack free while the wart was dying.
The initial vinegar treatment to get the process of killing the wart itself selectively without harming the healthy skin was excellent in my experience.
I do now think it actually does kill the virus and stimulate an immediate response at a very deep level, although another follow up treatment of vinegar was necessary in my case to kill the root at its furthest part.

Had i been younger, i would probably have risked 'not' taking the antibiotics i had on hand just in case whilst the wart was dying. My Plantar wart was over thirty years old and very deep. It took three successive treatments with vinegar to kill the wart completely during around four weeks. If the vinegar did not kill the wart, then perhaps it changed the chemistry of the wart so that the body is able to recognize it as a foreign body so that the immune response is initiated.
I am satisfied there are other methods of initiating this process that i have heard about.

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