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hey guys... i have a good news for u all
i was suffering from anal warts since 2 years and not only warts around the anus ,inside the rectum there was many of them
as u know its embarrassing to visit a doctor ..i read the remedyy of the apple cedar viniger and how its burn alot so i think of something else related to the avc
i tried:
1.salicylic acid (powder)
2.dexamethasone (ampoule im /iv)
i mixed the ampole 2ml)with 2 grams of salicylic acid powder
stir well untill disolves if its not disolve well u can add some water
put them in a syringe after removing the needle and inject the solution in the rectum dont be afraid it burns only a little for 3 seconds
if the warts are only outside just apply on it believe me i inject the solution at night and went to sleep in the morning i was surprised all the warts disappeared but u have to continue for at least 3 days

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Did the procedure really work? How long has it been since the warts were gone?


Where did you buy those ingredients?,I was looking for dexamethasone and told me I need prescription for that.
the acid can be buy online but that other solution is not available.
If you can email me for more info I will appreciate it so much, eltom913 at hotmail


yeah can you tell me where to get that stuff


i cant find those ingrediants...emal me please


Where did u purchase these items


Guys are you sure that works without harming the anal mucosa?? The acid inside the rectum can burn the and bring a consequent infections. Please, let us know if this really works and how did you use it after you put it inside the rectum. How long time did you leave the solution there? Thank you very much.

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