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so ive been on this topic for a couple hours now, trying everything. i have homework to do but with a toothache that is nearly impossible to focus on.

i have bad teeth... i wouldnt call them TERRIBLE, but theyre bad. ive struggled through depression my whole life, and during one really bad period of a few months, my hygiene went south, as is common with depression. i admit my hygiene wasnt great to begin with, but before i knew it my teeth were terribly stained. since then, i have taken steps to correct it. visited a dentist a few times, when i can afford it. but over the past year ive been having tooth aches. they are usually very mild, but today, i had the worst tooth ache of my life. im pretty sure its the tooth my denist told me needed to be extracted. but i have several teeth that need varying degrees of work done.

anyways. i started with salt water, and that knocked the pain down a very little bit for a short period of time.
then i tried putting salt directly on it, and that worked a little better for a little longer but wasnt great.
then i went and got some oral analgesic, and that worked for about 5 minutes, but i was left with a numb mouth and a tooth ache after 5 minutes.

what seems to have worked, was fresh garlic, and probably the tylenol. i took some tylenol and then chewed on some fresh garlic. the garlic burned, made my eyes tear up, and was not pleasant. however, a few minutes later i am pain free.

im curious how long this will last. i may have to bring some garlic with me to school tomorrow just in case.

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I drink garlic water allday and gaggle with warm salt and water and take a piece of aloe vera warm it a little and put it in my mouth in the area the tooth is hurting. If u have the liquid its good also just warm it a little before putting it in ur mouth.


Totally worked the garlic thank you

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