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It sure as hell aint no dentist, yet crushed fresh garlic clove worked wonders for me. 'Allicin' is the substance that garlic releases when crushed, and seems to have some pretty good effect on pain. But be very careful, it does burn... and from what I hear, too much can be worse than the tooth ache in the long run. apply to effected tooth and slowly subsides. I've tried everything with the exception of cloves and this can get me through to the dentist the next day.

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Hey, I know of another garlic remedy. Chew on the garlic yes, but also grate some garlic and put it on the wrist opposite of the toothache( so if its yur right side hurting, put garlic on left wrist) leave on for about 20 min and then when you wake up the next morning your toothache should be gone or just a hint oof pressure that a lil ice wont fix.Sounds nutso, but it werx wonders!!!


My son is having a very bad tooth ache right NOW and I am seeking a remedy until morning... This garlic idea IS helping the pain subside! I had a jar of crushed garlic in the used a dab of that and some of the juice right onto the tooth...Did NOT take completly away...but lessened the pain! The hand in ice water did NOT help him..


You should be a dentist. I have a toothache that woke me up, I searched the internet for help. Thanks. Crushed garlic,cottonball and onion did the trick.


The only thing garlic did for me was give me bad breath so far


first i rinsed with mouth wash then sum salt water followed by the crushed garlic clove and it worked. though my boyfriend is going to have to deal with the stinky breath but he doesn't have to hear me whine moan and cry every 4 hours when the pain pills wears off. thanks sooooooooo much.


OMG the crushed garlic not only made my toothache ease up but boy do I ever need a mint thanks for the idea!

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