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ok so I tried just peroxide and you just put a little in your mouth and at first it is just like water then if starts to foam you know its working because its cleaning and you need to spit it out once in a while but it works! beware it doesn't taste that good and after about 10 minutes you just rise with water for about 2 minutes then brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste

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brush your teeth with poop, it really works!!!!


The hydrogen peroxide found in my vicinity is the 6% type. can it still work for whitening of my teeth?


There are mouthwashes, oral care washes, toothpaste, and canker sore treatments on the market that all contain peroxide. It is perfectly safe for dental use as long as it is food grade and 3\\%. It can blanch your gums and cause sensitivity if not properly diluted, but it is not a carcinogen.

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