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My remedy for treating genital warts is not all home based. I believe you should still see a dermatologist or gyn/urologist to get the correct diagnosis first and get a prescription for Aldera cream. What I also recommend is a regimen of easily bought vitamins and supplements at your local vitamin shop.
Let me start my telling you my story. I am a 40 years old female who was diagnosed with genital warts about 2 months ago. Not sure how I became infected but I had recent breast implants and I believe my immunity became low after the surgery. You can never know how or when you became infected. My bf did not have any symptoms or unusual growths. For all I know he could have given it to me or I could have had it for years and never knew I had HPV. We both realized at that point we both were HPV positive as we don't use condoms. He was and is very supportive so it made my anxiety a bit less of a worry.
I noticed the growths at the early stage. A couple of tiny lesions that my gyn removed at my insistence. She didn't recommend the Aldera cream so I went to my dermatologist for a second opinion, who prescribed the Aldera cream. I started using it right away as instructed. At first it really didn't do much, no redness, nothing. I wasn't quite sure if the cream had any effect on me. I did tons of research online to see how else I can help the 'healing' process. I decided on my regimen based on all the research I did.
Firstly, I don't recommend using apple cider vinegar, it will burn your genital area. I tried it once and it burned like hell and just made things worse as it burns all your genital area exposed to the vinegar. Just don't do it.
Just as I mentioned earlier, get a prescription for Aldera cream. The recommended dose is three times a week applied at bedtime. I didn't have any issues with redness, just some slight itchiness the day after application. I also decided to add a multivitamin, a super B complex, echinachea, bee propolis honey, a probiotic, and wellness formula. I especially recommend the bee propolis and the wellness formula as I believe its done the most for me.
So, almost two months into my regimen the genital warts are going away. It is a slow process but the warts are going away. To be perfectly honest it could be a normal response by my own natural body defense helping to fight the virus. Or it could be all way the supplements I have been taking that has helped to fight this dreaded virus. Either way this is story. It is a slow process so just think positive. You are not the only one suffering. Hope this helps someone.

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You still need to treat the genital warts that are manifesting inside your body. The wart remover will only work on the visible warts. You want to clear your body of the virus from the inside out.

The HPV virus has been known to be cured. See the literature regarding bee proplosis as a cure for HPV.

I agree the Aldera cream may not work for everybody. The only way to tell is to try it for some time. I also emphasize that the best approach to cure yourself of the genital warts is an all out assault with prescribed medication, vitamins and supplements.


For those of us out there without insurance $900.00+ for a cream that doesn't work, or if it dose I've not seen those results, anyone that has tried it hasn't disagreed. I couldn't believe when the pharmacy said are you sure you want to pick this one up its almost a No thank you after researching it on here i've decided to try the Skinhale and pray that works. But as for the Aldra Cream no dice for people like me with no Insurance....Thanks for all the helpful tips I will be sure not to try the Bragg's ACV lol cause it apparently thank you :)

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