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Margie (Staten Island, NY)

After suffering for about four days with vertigo several months ago, I was determined to find a cure when I woke up with it again last week. Being that I knew it had something to do with something pressing on the inner ear I decided to try peroxide in my ear. I had done that before to alleviate wax build up so I thought it was worth a try. I saturated a cotton ball with peroxide, laid down on my side & squeezed the cotton ball, dripping the peroxide into my ear til it was full. I laid there for about 10 min until the popping noise stopped. As I slowly sat up, I drained the peroxide into a tissue, and...voila! The vertigo was gone!! I couldn't believe it!! Don't know if it'll work on everyone but it sure is worth a try. It worked for me. It was quick & only cost pennies. GOOD LUCK!

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Yes, just plain hydrogen peroxide, it's less then a $1.00 and can be found at Almost Any Store.
Dollar Store, Wal-mart, and even stores where you stop to buy gas for your car has hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, bandages. Most of the time it's in a Dark Brown bottle.


Yes hydrogen peroxide


What type of peroxide ?


l am suffering with no help from doctor's says it will go on it's own meanwhile my life has stopped l feel so scared it will never go. Is peroxide safe to use like you suggest. l need a miracle.

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