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Margie (Staten Island, NY)

After suffering for about four days with vertigo several months ago, I was determined to find a cure when I woke up with it again last week. Being that I knew it had something to do with something pressing on the inner ear I decided to try peroxide in my ear. I had done that before to alleviate wax build up so I thought it was worth a try. I saturated a cotton ball with peroxide, laid down on my side & squeezed the cotton ball, dripping the peroxide into my ear til it was full. I laid there for about 10 min until the popping noise stopped. As I slowly sat up, I drained the peroxide into a tissue, and...voila! The vertigo was gone!! I couldn't believe it!! Don't know if it'll work on everyone but it sure is worth a try. It worked for me. It was quick & only cost pennies. GOOD LUCK!

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Take a benedryl. It really worked.. In an hour you will feel great.


I tried the Peroxide and it worked!!!!!!! Thanks for the information.!!wow!! Like a miracle!


How do you tell which ear is the culprit of the vertigo? can you do both ears if you don't know?

i am suffering and have been for 4 days and want to try this.



IS it Hydrogen Peroxide you are referring to?


Where do I get peroxide from


I tried your suggestion and it worked. I was suffering days with vertigo and I am so happy it worked. I put peroxide in both ears and I am cured.


It works! but How often you need to do it. I did it and help me but I still have the problem.


It does work I can hear better when I sit up it does take about 30 seconds for the dizzyness to go away


Ahh! Thank you for this tidbit ... I had convinced myself there was something very wrong with me and after some research found this site and your comment. It worked! The extreme dizziness and feeling as if im in an alternate reality has decreased. Hopefully one more time in the morning and it will do the trick completely


What kind of peroxide. Are you talking about hydrogen peroxide

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