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Okay so I've been researching all over looking for at home remedies for this risen better known as boil. I currently have one located on the left side of my groin area. I most say this thing HURTSSSSSSS! 😫😫 I had my mom try to pop it with a pin but that only made things worse. I've been crying all day bc it's hurts to walk, lay down, sit down EVERYTHING😰 I've been trying these HOT compress which makes it feel a little better but unfortunately the pain is still unbearable! So after a HOT bath, I dried the area well & took the lining of an egg & placed it over the boil. this is supposedly is going to bring it to a head. Pray for me guys! 🙏

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sorry hey. The other remedy that works well is a grated onion. Place it on the boil with an elastoplas maybe. just dnt prick it. It's worth a try. All the best


i have tried that it may work but i have a suggestion of just putting gaze on it and laying on it for a while or if it hurts to much rub it and if it gets swollen red and stings get help

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