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The God who rules over pimples and kills them all

So I've been reading all of these remedies, and I've noticed a few reoccurring methods: oatmeal, lemon, baking soda, toothpaste, and honey. So I thought let's try all of them. I got a bowl and mixed all of them together, and BAM! The acne is all dead! It's probably not 100% necessary to use all of those ingredients but everyone's skin is different and some remedies might not work as well as others.

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Is your skin a little bit oily and or sensitive??


I am trying this because I have black heads and have tried everything. Since no instructions were given as to how long to leave on or often to do this I will report back about my results after a week. I have very oily skin and hope that it will finally be my solution. Wish me luck


Good luck to you ..Im gonna mix them all together and try...cant hurt.


how long and how much of each ingredient did you use?

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