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My boyfriend has fungus on some of his toenails but not all of them. He's recently begun to pay more attention to foot care due to being on a chemotherapy regimen which involves two medications that affect the skin on his feet and hands. When I began helping with his foot care, I suggested using a Qtip to daub OTC store-brand antifungal cream (for jock itch or athlete's foot) all over & around any affected nails, including beneath the front edge.

It's slow going, but it *is* clearing up. His toenails look the best I've seen in the nearly 5 years we've been together.

The chemo is now causing his toenails to slough. When each affected nail sloughs off, we use a Qtip to daub the OTC antifungal cream on the nail bed.

His hematologist/oncologist is aware we're doing this and supports it, as long as it continues to help.

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