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I have had a mucus producing mixed with horrible coughing spells and after going to the doctor today for shots and antibiotics...I got home around 3pm and the coughs have I checked out this webpage and learned as much as I could and did all that I could, after 6 non-stop hours of no sleep and coughing, I decided to do all I could with what I had in the house- it is now midnight and I'm almost 90% cough free and not near as violently coughing- so thank you!
Here is what I did:
I drank hot tea with teaspoon of salt, cinnamon, honey and jack daniels
Wrapped feet in Noxema because I had no Vick's with saran wrap and socks
Spoon full of peanut butter
Neti-pot nasal rinse with boiled water & salt
I even smeared Noxema around nose & mouth for mentholatum effect
I learned not cold drinks try to keep drinking warm & hot beverages amd NO MILK- It made my flem thicker and harder to cough up
Here is to a better night- thank you all!

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