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biological sciences student

Drink a lot of CRANBERRY JUICE. I drank this for one day (to clear up a bladder infection) and woke up the next morning with a clear face! I've always had acne and this is the first time that anything I have ever drank or eaten has had such a positive and quick effect on my acne. It somehow rids your whole body of bacteria. I wouldn't recommend doing this continuously because overdoing the cranberry juice will cause, yes a beautiful clear complexion, but also diarrhea from loss of 'good' bacteria in the intestines and, if you're a woman, a yeast infection due to the lack of 'good' bacteria which makes up a healthy flora in the vaginal area allowing the fungus, yeast, to take over. I've never tried putting the juice on my face.. I wonder if it would work.

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Eating whole cranberries and blueberries will help heal your face as well.

Also, make a paste of overripe fruits, egg whites, and cooked oatmeal. This will help detoxify (is that a word?) and moisturize your face (oatmeal) at the same time.

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