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BORAX laundry soap! It can be found at Wal-Mart in the laundry isle. For less then $4.. Its a multi purpose cleaning agent. Works wonders.

BORIC ACID will kill your dog! PLEASE DO NOT use this! Used to bait and kill roaches and other pests.

I can understand how this can be confusing. Most people have never heard of BORAX. even though its been around since 1891..

Mixture in a bowl:

1 cup of Hydrogen peroxide
1 cup of Warm Water
Add BORAX until will not delude any longer in solution. (does not take a lot. Maybe 1/4 of a cup)

MIX solution well..

Apply generously with wash cloth to infected areas

This needs to be applied EVER OTHER DAY Depending on the severity of your dog condition. Up to SIX weeks. If you do not treat every other day or the mange isn't completely gone it WILL come back and spread.

This home remedy is cheap and easy to do. I have treated my dogs and others with this method. IT WILL WORK as long as you keep up with it..

Good luck!

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I recently noticed a small area of hair loss and dry skin on my dogs right outer thigh. No where else. He does seem to be itching other areas though, even though there are no other patches like this one. I talked to vet and they wanted to skin scrape, $30, give oral meds, $25, and Ivermectin $107. I could not afford that. They never diagnosed it as mange but I want to go ahead and treat him like it is because it seems like it, even though it isn't starting where it normally begins (on the face). Will it hurt him to use this remedy even if it is not mange?


I tried this but when I had her in the tub, I forgot the measurements and used 1/2 bottle peroxide and about 3 cups borax and forgot to add the water. Anyway it worked! The next day she stopped itching and the redness disappeared! Amazing! I'm not rinsing it off either. Everything seems to have healed except her butt cheeks. I'll continue this remedy and use correct ingredients next time! Thanks so much for this treatment! I've tried everything on the market for dogs skin. She too had an aweful smell, even after her bath. Smelled horrible and we have battled this for over a year now. For the first time in over a year she is Oder free and not itchy and seems to be a lot happier!!


I just tried this today for the first time...I could not figure out why Daisy smelled bad a day after her bath and why the flea stuff was making no diffrence...she was scratching constantly and chewing until she bled, for the first time in two weeks she is quiet, I know that some of it may be the sedation factor, but I am also seeing the fleas are not happy either, she was chewing herself raw and all of her hair was falling out...I also started giving her flax seed oil on her food...I hope and pray this works she ismy everything and I do not want to put a bunch of chemicals on her or in her so I thank you most sincerly


I have (2) Pug-Pom-Chihuahua puppies that are 4 months old. I have had them to the vet multiple times for demodex mange treatment and they are WORSE than ever.

I've spent $200 the past 2 months on treatment. No dips, because they're too young, but they've taken antibiotics, anti-itch pills but no Invermectin.

The male looks like he has elephant skin and smells like old man feet and his hair is barely growing back.

The female has MOLD growing on her back! Mold!!! She smells as well. I was bathing them weekly until the vet told me to buy this $25 special shampoo and only bathe every 2 weeks or their skin will dry out.

Well, they're worse than they were before .. the only difference is now they have hair sprouting out from the mold on their backs.

They fight/play all the time and get scratched up, bleeding on their heads and backs (no hair to shelter their skin).

They have another vet appointment in a week, but they aren't getting any better and I'm tired of spending money for nothing.

I'm going to try this method Brian has suggested for a couple of reasons:

1. It's safer than chemical dips.
2. These pups are young, so I want something that won't harm them.

I'll be sure to keep track of the progress from this method. I've taken photos of the pups since they started losing their hair (2 mo old) and I'm about to lose mine over the vet bills.

Thank you, Brian. I'll try this tomorrow.


Tried this recipe for a couple of days and because my dogs have such an extreme case of demodex .. they're nearly bald with a few sprouts of hair .. the mixture really caused pain to the male. It bubbled up, I held him to make sure he didn't lick it and his back contracted like it itched or burned.

Hydrogen Peroxide by itself wouldn't be painful, but the Borax Laundry soap would. I had to wash off the 2nd application.

I've decided to discontinue use on both dogs and try the medicated shampoo prescribed by the vet.

My dogs are about 4 months old, so I'm hoping in the next 2 months they grow out of this horrible stage.

Thanks for trying to help. I was hoping it would work.


BORAX will NOT KILL YOUR DOG! It is a drying agent. It kills bugs by dehydrating them. It will not dehydrate your dog. Borax is as toxic as table salt. No need to get hysterical on here unless it's warrranted. That said, Diatomaceous Earth works better than borax or boric acid. Cheap too. Visit your feed store. Also look it up online and you will see supportive evidence for using it for mange, fleas and deworming.


My poor little westie (who is 14 and still acts like a puppy) has had mange for almost 3 years now. i have continually taken him to the vets, had scrappings taken, biopsy , different anitbiotics, steroids, antihistamines, washes, you name it he has had it. but alas it goes on and on. he is such a cheerful little chap through it all. I have started to use the hydrogen peroxide and borax, (he has had 2 washes so far) but want to know if it gets worse before it gets better? and once he is dry should i try olive oil as parts of his skin are really dry while around and behind his ears are really sticky/weepy? love my little chap so very very much but sick of the vet treatments not working, so am opting for any thing else that will help. thanks in advance. x


I used this method on my 2 dogs..and it has worked.. thanks, just to mention my black lab looks like my choch lab, it does change their color,no big deal.


Boric acid will not kill your pet. It is the active component in Borax. It as well as borax should not be feed to your pet. A rinse in H2O2 anf boric acid is safe for your animal.

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