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BORAX laundry soap! It can be found at Wal-Mart in the laundry isle. For less then $4.. Its a multi purpose cleaning agent. Works wonders.

BORIC ACID will kill your dog! PLEASE DO NOT use this! Used to bait and kill roaches and other pests.

I can understand how this can be confusing. Most people have never heard of BORAX. even though its been around since 1891..

Mixture in a bowl:

1 cup of Hydrogen peroxide
1 cup of Warm Water
Add BORAX until will not delude any longer in solution. (does not take a lot. Maybe 1/4 of a cup)

MIX solution well..

Apply generously with wash cloth to infected areas

This needs to be applied EVER OTHER DAY Depending on the severity of your dog condition. Up to SIX weeks. If you do not treat every other day or the mange isn't completely gone it WILL come back and spread.

This home remedy is cheap and easy to do. I have treated my dogs and others with this method. IT WILL WORK as long as you keep up with it..

Good luck!

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My son brought a puppy home and within about 3 days myself, him, my daughter and another roommate were all itchy and starting to break out with little red bumps. I can't think of any other thing that it could be. The pup was scratching and whining alot. I used the Borax mixture on her twice now. She seems to be clearing up aside from really dry skin. However the humans are getting worse. I personally bathed in this mixture 2 days ago. It seemed to help initially, but by the end of the second day I had double the red spots... My daughter seems to be getting past it. Her spots n bumps are going away. The other 3 of us are getting more irritation, itchy and red spots. Any thoughts?


I have been using this faithfully for a week on a sever case his scabs r gone his skin is pink not blistered red but he is losing more hair what can I do to start hair regroth


It is just BORAX... not BORAX ACID... BORAX ACID WILL KILL YOUR PET. Borax can be found in the laundry detergent area.


What can I use on my furniture? It seems to be in my couch. Been treating for months on animals with revolution but doesn't seem to be working just transferring to me. And one of my cats that had it the worse her hair is growing back but still bumpy and scaly and she still itching.the other animals including my dogs seem to be getting better. but I am willing to try this solution to keep it away since i believe it is in my furniture. Next week I am having carpets cleaned. Any suggestions to use on furniture been using D.Earth for 2 weeks but the dust is killing me and my family.


I took my dog to the vet. He was diagnosed with Demodectic Mange. I follow the vets instruction I gave him all the oral tablets and shampoo him twice a week as I was told. I was told he would get worse before he got better, and he did get worse. Then he slightly got better. Now all of a sudden he got way worse. His hair is thin to almost bald from head to toe. The vet said he would get better it will just take along time. I think it's been to long. Do you think this solution will help my dog? How long until I will see a difference?


I have three dogs 1 pug and two beagles. The pug got demodex mange so after several trips to the vet,steroids, and ivermectin she and 8 weeks she got better. As soon as her hair was growing back the two beagles started showing the same symptoms. We took the to the vet now after receiving the same treatment and three months later they are worse than ever. I have spent thousands so far and nothing helps. I bath them every other day just to try and subdue the foul odor. I bought all the recommendations on this site today and I am praying this will work. Just curious as to the healing time some you have seen. And also how aggressive can I be with these can I spray solution daily etc... Thanks for any advice in advance.


Never ever give ivermec on your own without knowing how the doses should go and not without knowing if your dog is Heartworm neg and recently that is not years ago less than a year ago tested! You will kill a dog that way if you just dose it without knowing and older dogs are likely with heart conditions that it will kill them if you go and dose them with ivermec which is the name brand for ivermectin
Think people when you start using drugs seriously..
Dogs that are given to much will die and dogs that are allergic or have been treated for hw with conditions it can kill.
This product is safe to the dogs skin that this gentleman is telling you to try. It is worth a try and I am certainly going to start this treatment tomorrow on my rescue.


This does work, my dog had a serious case of Demodex mange. She was bald all over her body.
I did this every other day for 3 weeks. Within 2 months all her hair came back in.. If she got itchy I sprayed her with equal parts of listerine, water and lavender baby oil. Mix it in a spray bottle shake and spray on itchy spots and rub it in. It's a lot of work but your dog will love you for it.


My 7 year old Queensland developed a missing spot of hair on her face between her eyes. At first I thought it was just a carpet rub or from wrestling with my other dog, but then it didn't go away and I noticed a spot on her front leg and lower lip. I got online and figured out it was mange.(I thought only stray malnourished dogs got this) I found this recipe and have been using it for about 2 weeks now, with great results.All the spots are growing hair back and the ones on her face and leg look almost normal again.I will keep using it for the full 6 weeks just to make sure it's gone. I also found that it is caused from an immune deficiency so I started giving her a multivitamin twice a day and putting 2 tsp of coconut oil on their food twice a day which helps with a myriad of things from thyroid and joints to digestion and hair. They love it and their coats look great.
Since my dogs spots weren't very big I decided just to mix 1 tbl of peroxide, 1 tbl water and about 1/4 -1/2 tsp of borax each time so it was fresh. I apply with a cottonball every other day and put coconut oil on the spots on the off days.
Thanks so much for this remedy it has really worked well.


After moving 2300 miles from home we decided to get a puppy 3 days later she started scratching not being from these parts i really did not know what to think so i researched her condition and found she had mange since i am a nurse i thought i would fix the problem myself well it's been harder than expected and after reading this i decided to give it a try it is the 3 day of treatment and she doesn't seem to be so itchy and there are no new opend wonds but she really smells she is improving every day thank you for posting this it is a real life saver i think she will be better before too long

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