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BORAX laundry soap! It can be found at Wal-Mart in the laundry isle. For less then $4.. Its a multi purpose cleaning agent. Works wonders.

BORIC ACID will kill your dog! PLEASE DO NOT use this! Used to bait and kill roaches and other pests.

I can understand how this can be confusing. Most people have never heard of BORAX. even though its been around since 1891..

Mixture in a bowl:

1 cup of Hydrogen peroxide
1 cup of Warm Water
Add BORAX until will not delude any longer in solution. (does not take a lot. Maybe 1/4 of a cup)

MIX solution well..

Apply generously with wash cloth to infected areas

This needs to be applied EVER OTHER DAY Depending on the severity of your dog condition. Up to SIX weeks. If you do not treat every other day or the mange isn't completely gone it WILL come back and spread.

This home remedy is cheap and easy to do. I have treated my dogs and others with this method. IT WILL WORK as long as you keep up with it..

Good luck!

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Have a lot left over after first treatment. Any idea if you can save what you mixed and reuse next time or does it need to be made fresh?


Yes, you can definitely reuse this solution, as long as its is not contaminated.

A spray bottle is very convenient to use and store.(shake well before each use)It can be stored for about 5 days before it needs to be remade.

Since you had a lot left over you can also cut the solution by 50%. Half cup of water and peroxide.


Can you use this on CATS??? Thanks


I'm using this solution now. I saw somewhere that there's a canine immune booster vitamin that helps boost their immune system so it can help fight the mites too. You will probably have to go to Petsmart OT Petco to get it. I'll post more when Ii get it.


Can you also use this on cats?


Can you also use this on cats?


I Have never used this treatment on felines. I feel that it would be safe to use topically. Try small areas first as a pre-caution. Always watch for reactions your pet may have.

Mange is mange. There are only two types. Demodectic (demodex)mange and Sarcoptic (scabies) mange.

Yes you can contract Sarcoptic mange from your pet. It is scabies.

Demodex is NOT contagious to humans, felines or canines. It can not be passes back and forth. But it can be passed from mother to baby. Either born with it or passed from milk. The immune system is what fights the mite off.

This solution is for the mange mite and eggs. I do not feel that if used topically and correctly will hurt any animal with mange. Always use with caution, just like anything else.


Ivomec use it garanty they sell it in any tractor supply store


Ivomec will cure mangea and a hole lot more i use it on all dogs it works u could buy it at any tractor supply strore

starting today and curious

Will her hair grow back and will this effect her uninfected hair?

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