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BORAX laundry soap! It can be found at Wal-Mart in the laundry isle. For less then $4.. Its a multi purpose cleaning agent. Works wonders.

BORIC ACID will kill your dog! PLEASE DO NOT use this! Used to bait and kill roaches and other pests.

I can understand how this can be confusing. Most people have never heard of BORAX. even though its been around since 1891..

Mixture in a bowl:

1 cup of Hydrogen peroxide
1 cup of Warm Water
Add BORAX until will not delude any longer in solution. (does not take a lot. Maybe 1/4 of a cup)

MIX solution well..

Apply generously with wash cloth to infected areas

This needs to be applied EVER OTHER DAY Depending on the severity of your dog condition. Up to SIX weeks. If you do not treat every other day or the mange isn't completely gone it WILL come back and spread.

This home remedy is cheap and easy to do. I have treated my dogs and others with this method. IT WILL WORK as long as you keep up with it..

Good luck!

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Do you have to wash this off?!


I can't find borax in my country. Can I use Baking soda?


Boric acid kills insects by causing digestive gasses that they cannot belching or flatulating, it is not a poison and is safe for use around houshold pets and children...


i heard this works to spread on carpet for fleas to thanks for the tip im going to do this for my sons dogs8)


My dog died when I did this! Thanks a lot ;(


does it make their skin dry out?


I cant believe someone actually wrote that their dog died...thats just twisted...if its true the dog died it wasnt this TOPICAL skin treatment that did it, unless you fed it to the animal!!!!!! ....doh!


thanks. trying this . Just started today. Sure hope it works at my wits end. thank you


I am sorry that persons pet died, hiwever, I can't help but think that there were ither factors you didn't talk about. Sorry I Don'T BEKIEVE YOU.


No you do not have to wash this solution off. Let it dry on your dog. try to keep them from licking until it dries.

Depending on the severity of your dogs condition, you can cut the water by half making the solution stronger on the Peroxide side. Only do this if needed For First treatment.

Yes it will Dry your pets skin out. But will cut down on the chewing, scratching and biting areas. You can Coat your dogs areas with 'olive oil' for moisture to the skin.

No Baking soda will not work! and DO NOT USE 'BORIC ACID' that is a pesticide and will KILL your pet.
Try Amazon or other websites that may ship to your country.

I seriously doubt your pet died from this TOPICAL solution. If you followed my procedure step by step and used exactly what I said you wouldn't have a problem. If your pet had a bad reaction to it then stop using immediately. If you used Boric Acid yes you just killed your dog. If you gave this TOPICAL solution to your pet orally then you will have a problem.

Mange can KILL your pet. If your dog had Mange for a long period of time without any treatment the mange itself killed your dog.

Hope This Helps everyone! Good luck!

Another thing to try is Vitamins!(Fish oils, Vitamin C) Mange is a immune deficiency problem. Your pets immune system may not be strong enough to fight the nasty little mites off..

Children's Benadryl Helps your dog with the inching, scratching and chewing.
Do not give to your pet everyday!

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