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I feel obliged to write my “success” story and hopefully do what others here (and other useful places) have done for me… given me a guide towards self-treatment of genital warts.
First, I have been in denial that these couple of bumps were, in fact, genital warts. When they started growing, I could no longer stay in denial.
After reading so many useful successes, I decided to take a multi-pronged approach to the problem.
External treatment included: 1) Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV); 2) Tea Tree Oil; 3) Lavender Oil;4) Lemon Oil; 5) Garlic Oil (crush garlic and place in some olive oil) and for soothing and treatment: 6) Vitamin E Oil and 7) Desitin. (getting some aloe gel as well)
Internal treatment: Vits: A,C,E,D, Multi with plenty of B. And although I am almost completely free of the warts within one week, I will be taking Lysine, Echinacea and Gooldenseal, and possibly Elderberry extract (I have not had access to them as I am living overseas and must travel to get them)
My immune system was definitely low due to stress. So start exercising as well. Anything to reduce stress and help the immune system.
I have used each of the external treatments alone and have also mixed ACV with tea tree and lavender (actually makes it smell rather nice).
Put ACV with the oils added on at night and tape soaked cotton in place. Can also, throughout the day, put the oils on directly alone or in combination.
Periodically, open a vit E capsule and put on affected area for curing and soothing effect. Likewise, desitin ointment has been recommended to cover and sooth.
From big warts to almost nothing in a week with almost no irritation and a tiny burning from the ACV and tea tree but very tolerable.
Drink lots of water too.
I plan to keep the internal treatments up at therapeutic dosages for a few weeks, then taper down the vits.
I am amazed at the results and hope you find this helpful.

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How did you prepare your mixture? Did you mix undiluted oils with the ACV or did you dilute them first? How much of each ingredient did you use?


How often or how many hours per day do you leave acv on the infected areas?

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