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I tried Tea Tree Oil, Vicks Vaporub, Flexitol Anti-Fungal with Undecylenic Acid, Bleach and Urine, but nothing seemed to get rid of the fungus. It would look like it was going, but always came back. After six years of experimenting, I took a nail file and literally filed most of the nail away almost down to the flesh. Then, every night for about an hour whilst sitting in front of the computer, I let my feet soak in a tub of warm water that was 1/3 white vinegar. I dried them off and let them air, no shoes, socks or slippers. It took eight long months for the toenail to grow back but I now have toes that I can wear sandals with again! The fungus has gone and my toenails look healthy!

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i used all 3 processes.. first each morning after shower, i would cover the Tea Tree Oil,, then after abount an hour i would soak my feet for 30 minutes with a solution mix of vinigar/listerine and warm water. after it dried I would apply Vics Vapor rub during the course of the day. And then before bed another 30 min of soak.. as mentioned by others before.. First the fungus infeccted area would turn black..(where it has died), then after new growth comes in its nice and natural..


How long did you do this remedy. Everyday or what??


I recently cut my toe nail down well the part with the fungus and I've soaked my feet in warm water and listerine, and applied vics vapor rub on top of fungal over the counter medicine. How long do you think it will take for my nail to grow back.

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