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I have tried taking away the odor I have been smelling during the course of the day at work. It wasn't something that high but I could smell it, what i did was to use wipes whenever I pee instead of tissues to wipe down there... This helped for a a while but the scent came back, I am yet to try some of the recommendations I have received on this site.... I can say the aloe Vera is a very effective remedy and I will buy one next week

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so how will u use the aloe vera ?


Hello I had a very bad odor 1st time n my life whenever me& my husband had sex I was so embrassed& a shame& after reading 1 of the sites they said soak a tampon n plain yogurt & insert n to ur vagina. But instead I used a thing u give babies for meds 3 squirts n the smell was gone the next day! Happy Wife Ever! Hope my tip is helpful


Vitamin C tablet inserted high into vagina will get rid of the ange smell overnight.

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