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Desperate 23 Year Old!

Please help! I feel like I've tried everything... I have been to the doctor on numerous occasions and it always comes back as BV. Conventional meds were of no help. I've had this for probably years and never realized it was abnormal because I never knew normal.
But lately my problem is beyond bad. I have air constantly escaping my vagina and the smell is so bad I can't even describe it. I have to change my pants probably 3 times a day, and my friends at the gym are like wow you smell...if only they knew where it was coming from =( Needless to say, it's ruining my life! Cleanliness is certainly not the issue either. So I tried using a Hydrogen peroxide douche, take prenatal vitamin (since it has extra folic acid), vit D3, cranberry pills, and super strength probiotics. The hydrogren peroxide douches work immediately. I'll be smell and air free for as long as I use them. But about a day and a half after I think I'm ok to stop with them, the smell and air return, but worse each time. I've tried garlic inserts, lactobacillus acidophilus inserts, and nothing has helped me. If anyone could help me out once and for all, I'd owe them my life.

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Note: In your condition, DO NOT USE over the counter remedies posing as the natural remedies. They only give your vagina an inward douche and are no better than douching. I obtained BV after using a tampon after using a someone else's bar of soap in a hospital shower. I have struggled with an acidic bubbly discharge ever since but it is not Trichinosis. I have used the metro gels and Flagil and a Rx cream, as well as freezing and it always returns. Cannot abide Flagil at all, makes you so weak and weakens the bones. I have heard that the Rx creams with Flagil will work. I am currently looking for an expert STD doctor that can treat this or else natural remedy docs. My gynaecologist that was going to help me left the area so I was again up a creek. Don't give up.

Jill again

The comment from the lady that tried pills from Walmart might work, I might give it a try. My last comment on over the counter natural remedies applied only to the inserts.


Try the cleocin vaginal ovules100mg its 3 suppositories...n it works really well even one ovules will work...but u do need a prescription for it...but it works...i had it for over a year at one time...came to find out it was my sexual partner...i just sum it up body chemistry didn't work with his...needless to say once i got rid of him the problem went away....but during that course of time...i went with the ovules they were heaven scent......sorry its not organic..hope u feel better ;0)

krichell rogers

Hello I've been suffering with bv for over years now..all I was ever given was bother me mentally n physically.. I think of cancer all the time I think in dying... I need help my relationship ,its good no other partner at all...its me can I give it to him ..cause he never been treated always me cause its a women disease..please need some feed back to help me cause my doctors not


Sorry to hear that.....but it may be that you n your boyfriends chemistry just dosen't doesn't mean that your dirty it just means that it don't match....try having protected sex..that mite help...but yes he can keep passing it back n forth to on that note he won't have no symptoms..but u will find it self smelling like garbage can..believe me i know....try the protection...our bodies are a funny thing..get better


try vagistatin from health concerns…order from under Emmerson ecologics! Dr Dena Mendes is the vagina queen who fixes all vaginas even kim kardashians!


Go to the clinic or the doctor and get the antibiotics. You also need to start eating a healthy low carb diet. NO sugar, NO alcohol, No white refined flour, No rice, No potatoes. fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy meats. foods high in soluble fiber like cabbage and carrots and onions. eat lots of garlic. all the time. every meal if you can. no processed deep fried crap. drink herbal teas made from herbs called adaptogens. these herbs help your body cope with stress. chamomile and calendula and lemon balm mixed with mint is my go to.
get regular exercise and sleep as much as your body wants. DO NOT STOP LIVING LIKE THIS. I was experiencing recurrent BV and I followed this regime and I never felt better in my life and lost 25 lbs. Then I fell of the wagon, started drinking smoking eating bullshit... BV is back and won't go even after antibiotics. I am now restarting the above regimen. complete with plain yogurt in the kooch. I will let you know if it works. Hope your troubles get better. Health!

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