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Desperate 23 Year Old!

Please help! I feel like I've tried everything... I have been to the doctor on numerous occasions and it always comes back as BV. Conventional meds were of no help. I've had this for probably years and never realized it was abnormal because I never knew normal.
But lately my problem is beyond bad. I have air constantly escaping my vagina and the smell is so bad I can't even describe it. I have to change my pants probably 3 times a day, and my friends at the gym are like wow you smell...if only they knew where it was coming from =( Needless to say, it's ruining my life! Cleanliness is certainly not the issue either. So I tried using a Hydrogen peroxide douche, take prenatal vitamin (since it has extra folic acid), vit D3, cranberry pills, and super strength probiotics. The hydrogren peroxide douches work immediately. I'll be smell and air free for as long as I use them. But about a day and a half after I think I'm ok to stop with them, the smell and air return, but worse each time. I've tried garlic inserts, lactobacillus acidophilus inserts, and nothing has helped me. If anyone could help me out once and for all, I'd owe them my life.

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try changing your diet to more organic foods


The only thing that works long term for me is Boric acid capsules, and I have to keep inserting them every second day or so. You can make them yourself with Boric acid from the chemist and buy some capsules or put it in empty paracetomol capsules.


Douching is the biggest no no especially peroxide. Your killing the hood bactrria in your vagina that why a few days later its probly cone back with a vengence cause now you have no good bacteria and the bad bacteria has multiplied.ABDOLUTELY DO NOT PUT ANYTHING THATT DOESNOT BELONG IN A VAGINA IN YOUR VAGINA(unless doctor perscribed) what i did to get rid of my reocurring bv for good. No white sugar or sufar goods pops kool aids you name it stay away noo white flour no starchy foods no potatoes no white rice no perfumes and lotions thats the big one the chemicals in these throw your chemicals off i also soak in a hot bath with two cups of vinegar for thirty minutes do not put the vingar water in your vagina just kinda lay their with your legs apart the vinegar will restore your ph and no you wont smelk like vinegar it will evaporate and it will neeutralize your odor also smokung if you do quit it can cause you bv as well good luck stay natursl stay healthy


It sucks so bad. So bad. Why isn't there a cute to just fix it. It's making me crazy. I'm so uncomfortable all the time. Douching with peroxide is the only relief I get. And even that doesn't last but a few hours.


Oh and changing the diet doesn't work. I went three days with no food and just water. That did me no good. None!


The same thing happened to me.. So trust I completely understand the nightmare you're currently going through.. Discontinue the peroxide douche.. Instead douche with
dead sea salt and very warm water(as warm as u can take) or you can simply sit in a warm tub.. Trust me this helps and it isnt so harsh.. U can also add organic tea tree oil.. If the outside of your vagina is irritated u can slather pure aloe Vera as it has many healing properties.. Then take a pill called bv essentials.. I'm sure u can get it through amazon.. I've tried the pill and the suppository and they work however, this has many toxins such as parabeans
which u would prob wanna lay off from.. First try the natural remedy along with the pills and let it work it's magic.. If it doesn't work after a few days use the bv essentials.. also try ur best to eat clean.. If u could drink an organic detox tea as well as a tea for women I forget the name but I'm sure u can google it.. I usually get the yogi brand.. Well, I wish u the best on this healing journey.. Keep us all posted on the outcome.. :)


Its known that disease cannot thrive in a high alkaline body. Try eating a raw diet.


Lol at the three days with no food and found no change...three days is not going to do anything for you. If your going to chang your diet and expect your body to change you have to do it for over a month.


I've had the same problem!! :( The only thing that worked for me is Bv Treatment, sold at Walmart for $22 I just started the pill 3 days ago! !! I swear this is the most effective medicine that I've came across!!


I've experienced the same thing for many years until I mentioned it to my acupuncturist. He gave me an herbal formula that clears it up and keeps it long as you keep taking the herbs. The formula he gave me was called 'V-Statin' from a company called Evergreen. Unfortunately you can't buy the herbal formulations from this company unless you're a licensed acupuncturist. But I'm sure there are other herb mixtures that work, just depends on your acupuncturist. My acupuncturist also thought that the problem was with the amount of refined sugar I eat. But since I'm not giving sugar up any time soon the herbs work for me. Good luck.

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