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Ok guys, I’m going to tell my story as briefly as possible. This is MY cause and cure.
I have had the HPV virus since my early twenties. I am 32 now, so I’ve suffered with this for at least ten years! I really had no idea (other than an itchy bottom) that I had anything, and I really didn’t want to go to the doctor as that would have been too embarrassing for me. So years went by and it was when I was about 30; I determined that I was suffering from symptoms of hemorrhoids. I finally made an appointment to see the doc. I found out then I had HPV. He removed a “wart” from my anus, and sent me on my way. It was not a painful procedure, but after the fact I basically had to wear a diaper as my rectum was bleeding profusely! NOT FUN – and it grew back three weeks later.
So I took matters in my own hands, and after reading numerous websites, blogs, and from natural remedy literatures, I found this to be the way to go. Here is what I did:
You need to “up” your immune system. Make it strong, strong enough to fight off infections! I began first by taking vitamins. I take (2) 1000mg Vitamin C, (1) Vitamin D3 – 5000 IU, and about (6) Garlic 500mg every day!
Next, AND I BELIEVE THIS ONE WAS KEY, I drank between 2-4 tbsp.’s of Apple Cider Vinegar – unfiltered and “with the mother”! The mother is where all of the actual nutrients are at for your body. Delude the APV in water or a juice so it won’t be so strong to drink. I also would brush my teeth after to make sure no acid remains on my teeth. I have been doing this treatment for only about a week now, but today, and after over ten years, I can say I AM FREE OF WARTS!!
In addition to making sure you take a bath every day and keeping the anal area dry, I would get out of the shower, dry the area, and dab 100% Australian tea tree oil directly on the warts. Because I’ve read that it should be taken with extreme caution (putting 100% tea tree oil on a sensitive area) I would cover it generously with “Calendulated Oil”. This will really help in stopping any itching or irritation. Finally- you may also want to watch what you eat. I try to stay away from heavy, greasy food. After all, it’s unhealthy and just bad for your skin. Hope this helps anyone who may be suffering from anal warts and itchiness, and can discover a natural way to remedy the problem. It worked for me!

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What were you procedures? Exactly


What did you mean by 'with the mother'? I really want to try your treatment plan! Thank you for sharing! I am terrified to have a doctor remove my wart. Where can you find and these oils...calendulated oil and tea tree oil?


You can buy tea tree oil and calendulated oils at your local health food market most likely, if no look online to purchase it. When you get apple cider vinegar with the mother, you’re getting the whole food, as opposed to a refined version of it. It’s the same principle as the difference between buying extra virgin olive oil and “light” olive oil. Health stores and grocery stores (even Walmart) sells this. Good Luck!


I have questions... do you know if this is safe to do while breastfeeding.


Can you please tell me how many times you drank the vinegar a day?


Drink the APV twice a day. APV is good for you and your overall health. It has many many many health benefits, so try not to worry about it harming you. Its not the tastiest to drink so I mix it with juice. I drink it everyday. My mom also drinks it everyday for skin elasticity.

I am not sure about the breastfeeding. I am inclined to say it would be ok, but you may want to look that up on google.


What is apv stands for? For how many weeks u treated your self? Pls response thank you


I hope this works, my immune system is down since I had to start eating differently and my sugars are high (gallbladder eating pears helps).
Honestly, I feel helpless right now.


Thank you for posting this! I just went to the doctor and he found 2 that he recommended having removed. I was about to schedule the surgery but it would be $400 plus he said I would need a few days to recover. But then I found this and I figure I owe it to myself to really be diligent with these ideas for at least a month and try and beat it myself!

I did have one question about the oils you used - did you apply the tea tree oil to the area and let it sit for a certain amount of time and then wipe away and apply the calendulated oil after? How long would you let the tea tree oil sit? My warts are just barely inside the anal canal to where I feel that skin is more sensitive than just skin completely on the outside of the anus. I dot want to cause any damage I surrounding skin but from what I've read online tea tree oil is pretty safe to use.

Anyways thanks again for this great post! I'm hopeful I can beat this and am even trying to spin this in a positive way in that it's a good excuse to start eating better and just a healthier lifestyle!

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