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Don Warner

Goto any grocery store and buy a Piece of ginger root, grind a 1 inch piece up and add to any type of juice. Drink a glass a day. Great in preventing Migrains. Another is eat a handfull of real ginger snap cookies. For imediate relief is take a 1 inch piece of ginger root and chew on it. It is very hot in flavor but relieves the migrine emediatly I know this will help I use it daily

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Man you are right on I have tried everything on the market perscription and non prescription and nothing helps my migrains like this simole thing. thank you Don you have changed my life.


Thanks Don, I was out of Imitrex and so was my pharamcy, had to wait two days for them to get a new supply in. I was desperate and had a friend go buy me the fresh ginger and some ginger tea. Didn't take the headache away completely, but sure helped more than anything else has!

I also will put a teaspoon of Vicks in a pan of boiling water and put a towel over my head (like a tent) and breathe in the steam...this will ease the pressure for a while...desperate measures when you're desperate!

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