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Happy guy

I came across this site when looking for remedies for genital warts because I believed I had one coming in (I'll get back to that later). I was curious if there were any easy treatments, or any treatments in general or if I was screwed. I was pleasantly surprised.

There are many references to Apple Cider Vinager on here and after seeing how cheap it was I decided to buy it. I wasn't sure I had genital warts but had a good hunch. I read that part of the exam involved covering the wart in a vinegar like substance that would turn it white. So in attempting to treat the wart I noticed my did turn somewhat white so I figured I had it.

My personal treatment involved putting the acv with qtip on the wart and small bandaid and leaving the baindaid on for 8 hrs or so (until I showered again). The smell is noticeable at first but since only a small is used it doesn't linger. At first there was no sting but each day I noticed it more. I also noticed the wart change. At first it was there and I wasn't certain it was a wart. Then it 'grew' a bit from acv and began turning a darker color. Finally it started to scab up and now the scab is starting to rub off. Although I'm still treating (day 4 now) I am very pleased with the results. I also purchased wart stick to use in case but really haven't found a need. I am thankful for everyone's input on here and hope it is completely cleared over next couple days.

As for my diagnoses, I noticed the wart coming in slowly and got depressed. I had a wart like thing around my pubic hair area for a few months and after visiting doctor he said no worries and sure enoughit disappeared. Then this wart came in on my shaft. I dated a girl many years ago who swore I gave her hpv. However there were other possibilities for her and girls I dated since have been tested many times and had nothing. But now I feel bad since there is a good chance it was me but for it to stay dormant for almost a decade is crazy. I don't know where it came from or if it is certainly genital warts but acv is clearing it up.

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It hasn't taken months for me, the scab is already gone and skin is comingn back to normal. The smell is bad when applying it but after that you never notice it.


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