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I just want to really recommend apple cider vinegar to anyone with plantar warts. I've had plantar warts since I can remember--I had one big one as a little kid, and they very slowly throughout the years spread all over my foot. I'm an adult now and I had been dealing with very embarrassing mosaic plantar warts (a huge cluster) on my right foot. This summer I finally decided to try a home remedy and I am AMAZED at how well apple cider vinegar worked. It also did NOT hurt me at all. I soaked my foot in apple cider vinegar, mixed with a little water, for 15 minutes each night before bed, and then soaked some cotton balls in the ACV and duct taped them onto my warts for the night. After a couple nights of this I started to use a large nail file on the warts after I soaked them. This removed some of the warts, but really they mostly fell off/healed on their own eventually, without me even noticing. I only did this remedy for maybe 2 weeks. My foot is completely clear now, and I can't even believe it! I very highly recommend apple cider vinegar.

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