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I would just like to mention that Fungus stays on nail clippers and other nail tools. They must be cleaned with a brush, soap and water and then rinsed and sterilized in 70% alcohol for a minimum of 10 minutes after each use. Do not cut a contaminated nail then a healthy nail ever. Do not share these tools with others or use yours on your children etc. Never let a nail technician use dirty tools on your nails either. A professional should always cleans and disinfects her tools in a sterilizer or a sterilizing liquid. You can contaminate yourself easily just by using it on the unhealthy toenail without protecting your beware of cross contamination. I'm a cosmetologist and everything I use or almost is throw away stuff I only use once. Except my metal tools which I clean and then disinfect religiously.

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Yes, be sure and sterilize your clippers and other items you use on your infected nails. That is how I got infected when having a pedicure. The technician cut my toe just a bit when clipping my big toe nail. I felt it and went 'ouch'. The next time I came back for a pedicure and the polish was removed the fungus had already taken over half my nail without my realizing it. I don't do pedicures anymore.

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