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Hi ladies,

I am currently going through one of these lovely YI's which I get regularly and thankfully found this site. I've tried the OTC treatments and it's not working this time so I will try some of these suggestions. One thing that I do use every time I have one of these is called Zeasorb AF, it's actually a foot powder for athletes foot. My doctor suggested it to me years ago and I can't believe how instantaneously it works. Just sprinkle some on the outside of your vagina and it is IMMEDIATE! I still have to treat it internally, but this stops the itch while I wait for treatment to run its course. I have told several friends about it and then randomly months later they will call me to thank me for mentioning it too them when they have gotten one themselves. I always have it at home and use it as soon as I feel itchy. Good luck to you all! Hope this helps!

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this helped me TREMENDOUSLY! THANK YOU! Itried the powder and immediately the relief was felt! no more burning and itching.... I can't tell you the misery I was in and when I used the powder it was GONE. Tonight I will try the garlic clove :)


OMG thank you sooo much. You are
A life saver.

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