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Mary White Janosh

If you have no stds or other ailments, but have a ph imbalance producing a smell, try this:

So, FYI, I should get paid for enlightening the world with my brain.
I have been struggling with this PH stuff for like two years now. Going from one prescribed antibiotic to another, killing off all normal bacterial activity and abnormal, creating no less than a super clean breeding ground, to only be sent back to the dr for more antibiotics..over and over again thru the 'sickcare' system.
Through my own frustration and failure to depend on a system that wasn't working, i started investigating myself..
I finally have figured it out!!
PH stands for, percentage of hydrogen...
Stating in essence that given enough oxygen through means of the hydrogen vehicle, i could produce a nursery for good bacteria instead of bad.
Through 1/3 hydrogen peroxide douches (which the drs and gynos scoff at), yogurt every day and a heavy vitamin regimen, I have finally found the answer!!
I did however return to them for their patented swab test to confirm, but I have won the battle!! My PH is finally fixed..

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Hello, i have been with bv problem for over a year. I had a new bf and were bleming him for the BV. He was checked and all was good. But still after each in recourse around 24h after the smell came back.. After period smell came back. I was using those OTC vaginal pills but always after sex or period symptoms came back. I was browsing searching thinking , there have to be a solution.. Finally found instant solution. I have been starting using a powder vitamins 'reliv now' and inserting a probiotic capsules 2x inside the vagina. I have been doing it for a 2 months.
Symptomps disappeared ..... Nowi don't use anything just multivitamins but not vaginal pills, I'm free of odor and discharge, went for check up and all is good.
Works for me try it... All body systems are different u need to find what works for u!


What is the vitamin regimen?


Potential hydrogen.


pH= power of hydrogen

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