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Here is a chemical-free cure!!!! My baby had constant diaper rash and I tried all the ointments to no avail. One day, she was sitting in her little chair watching me dry my hair with the blow dryer. She was fussing as usual so I blew some warm air at her and she smiled (something she hardly ever did). I soon learned that a few seconds of warm air on her tush was not only comforting to her, there was a definite reduction in the rash at the next diaper change. Not one to argue with a miracle, I tried it again. Within just a few days, she was completely cured. My procedure: I would simply use plain water and cloth to wash her, then use the dryer to blow some warm air on her tush for a few seconds before putting on the new diaper. She loved the ritual. The warm air from my blow dryer was my permanent cure for diaper rash. I never experienced even one case of diaper rash with her again nor did I have even one case of it with my next two little girls.

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My daughter is 14 months and she had a bad diaper that wouldn't go away I took her to the doctor and he told me just to let it air dry before I put her diaper back on but that didn't work. So I looked up how to get rid of diaper rash and this is what helped me and worked in 2 days. Wash the area with mild soap and water. let that air dry. then put on Lotrimin Anti-fungal cream (it doesn't burn your baby bottom) let that set in for a minute then put on A & D Zinc Oxide Cream/Diaper Rash cream (also doesn't burn your baby's bottom) on top then put on the diaper do that every time you change your baby's diaper and quickly the diaper rash will go away.

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