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James t, England

Very cold water.
When I had a sensitive tooth ache, I swished very cold water on it, this increased the toothache and my aim was to increase it till the pain was really unbearable. I then kept the ice water there for as long as possible till I couldn't stand the pain no more.
This got rid of the toothache.
Why this would be I don't to now for sure. Maybe it overloads the nerve with pain.

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Rocco Di Guiseppe

I have a bad toothache tonight and went through three percocet 10s! Waited like,forever for some type of relief! So I finaly got up out of bed to keep my head raisd up! All to no avail! I decided to google toothache remedys when I came across the cold water treatment! I swished it for as long as I can take it! I got used to the cold water and the pain had vanishged for a 10 minute priod till I started to post this comment! Its begining to hurt again! I will repeat this treatment as I do not have any vanilla extract! Is quite helpfull though!

Angela Huddleston

I worked as an EDDA in the dental field for 15 yrs. & had never heard of this until a friend told me about this. Use an onion! If the tooth is broken, which it usually is when you get a toothache. Cut up some small pieces & stick it in the hole. Shockingly It actually works. It's not instant. Give it a few minutes.


I have a cracked tooth with decay right through it, the pain comes on heavy some nights around 2-3am.. I have found that minced garlic, pushed into the crack in the tooth eliminates the pain within 10 minutes, try it! It's the best remedy until you can see a dentist for extraction

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