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I had MRSA for 2 years. First treatments, from a doctor, were sufla drugs for a month at a time. I was told that it would continue to return. I found the sufla typy drugs unacceptable as you should not be in the sun while taking them. While I was in the hospital for a heart problem, I was isolated due to the MRSA and the nurses would have to wear golves and sterilize when they left. I asked what they used for hands.. they said alcohol....MRSA hates alcohol. I used alcohol, full strength 90% on a red spot, whether or not I thought it would become a boil and soaked it with a swab or makeup type blotter several times a day until it was gone...yes GONE. I recently had a couple of procedures done where they thought they would have to isolate me again... and did... until I had two tests, two weeks apart... that showed I was MRSA free!... alcohol did the trick!

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Did you just use rubbing alcohol on it or a different kind of alcohol based ingredient? I'm going to try the store bought rubbing alcohol and see what happens. Thanks for the idea. I hope it works.


So for the second guy who used this method did itwork for you cause im trying the 90% from store on it and I hope it helps cause I cant handle this any more I ha e a girl friend with small kids and I dont want them to ever have to deal with this cause of me

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