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First let me say sorry that all of you suffer with this, I suffer with it too. I have had genital warts for years and have tried just about everything there is to try. Certain things like apple cider vinegar work from time to time, but not always. Forget apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, cryo freezing, laser treatment. This absolutely works!, It's a little painful but not bad at all. I used to get laser treatment and let me say that laser treatment scars!! I decided to try my own type of 'laser' treatment on a smaller scale and it works! My solution? A candle and a paperclip! No joke! I don't visit the doctor anymore, I don't scar, and it kills each wart every single time! Yeah it stings a little but unlike laser treatment which torches a larger area than needed, a heated paperclip can be pressed right onto the wart. Understand, the virus lives UNDER THE SKIN so you need to feel a little bit of that sting! Which means the heat is conducting below the surface of the skin. Just straighten out a paperclip, (I use a larger size paperclip) bend it to whatever angle you need, hold one end, and heat the other end as hot as possible in the flame of a candle, and torch those little things! It honestly works great and I have yet to have one come back. This is all that I do now, and I have been doing it for a long time with amazing success! Im sorry I haven't posted this sooner but I promised myself I would come back and write this. When you torch a wart, it may swell up and turn white, or even black, that is perfectly normal! I promise you it will shrivel up and fall off! Be careful obviously, especially if you are a woman or treating anal warts. I never treated any internal ones, or ones on sensitive tissue, but I did have some travel near my anus, im not gay, it just can happen from time to time. In those cases, I grab a mirror and work in those hard to reach areas. Again, please be careful but it's not hard to do carefully. I sincerely do wish you guys the best. There is no real cure for warts but there is definitely hope!!!! And this treatment is by far the best that I have found, and I don't have to deal with a doctor probing around those areas. Dont lose hope, you CAN manage this!! Quite easily to be honest! And don't beat yourself up too much either. It's a virus and we are the unfortunate ones who contracted it, but there are many of us out there! You are not a lesser person because of this and God loves you just as much today as ever! Smile, be happy, treat yourself, and know that life is VERY VERY GOOD!!!! God bless all of you in your struggles, I wish you all so much the very best!!!!

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This actually works and it doesn't hurt, it's more like a sting. Try it, what do ya have to lose.


how long do you burn it for? once placed on the wart for what amount of time do you keep it pressed and how much pressure? enough to poke it or simply burn the surface?


Are you kidding? This whole site is just a 'skin hale' troll site. These bastardized take over ups forums with their bs

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