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Was here about yr ago. Due to a massive pain on one of my cavs, which the filling has fallen out. Anyways none of the remedies here seem to work, but for some reason, tried washing out with ice cold water and with natural lime and that worked for short period. Thought I'd come back and post that.

Btw I went back to the UK to visit my family for the holis. And saw my familys doc to get the tooth fixed and was told by the doc that when a cavity/tooth is in pain it mostly has to do with an infection.
Sadly, I was given Amoxicillin pills since he wouldn't work on the cavity when I was in pain due to making the infection worse. (I say sadly because I had to leave before I could get it fixed there,they don't charge for doc services.)

Anyways hope this helps someone out there.

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They do charge - it's called paying your taxes! Wouldn't resent you using it if you were in pain though!

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