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Ok ladies finally I vowed to do this once I found a cure. Just don't lose hope and never give up!! Well I just want to say BV is horrible and I wouldn't wish it on anybody. I literally been through hell and back with this infection. Well just to let you know... It is candida issue. That's why it keeps on coming back. We need to kill the root of the cause and try not to cover it up or mask it. That's what I've been doing for years is masking it! The first time I got if I was 19 years old. I was perscribed anti-biotics and it was gone! To return 3 years later with a vengeance! I tried the yougurt,apple cider, bv homepathic capsules.. Ect. The bv homeopathic pills tablets stopped working in me for some reason. I thought I was going to die.. I had lost all hope. Well here it's is... I bought ultimate flora for a probiotic (very very important) and also the pearls enzymes as well. I douched with my reusable douche hydrogen peroxide only no water... And took these new pills that was recommended to kill candida. I bought it at whole foods it's called 'kyolic garlic candida detox' these pills taste like pure garlic and has an after taste but I'm telling you in 2 days it was GONE!!!! Garlic is a fungus killer and candida is a yeast/fungus over growth. Please don't waste your time with perception drugs and doctors only mask the symptoms. There is a cure for everything on this earth we need to turn back to herbal medicine. :) it had been 3 weeks and no smell :) I only douched 3 times gave it 2 day breaks in between. Comment if you have questions.. Also you lady's that been struggling for years need to do a canids cleanse and diet akin with a herbal protocol.. Please see a naturepathic doctor.

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loving mommy78

So what worked eventually


How much peroxide did you use. Thank you for sharing your info


Did you use the two sets of tablets all at once?


Great advice. I had it for a whole week and tried all natural products. I had 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C, flora tablets and veggie tablets which contain garlic. And slowly but surely my symptoms started disappearing! Nothing better than all natural remedies. No side effects!!!


Going to get these immediately! I'm very skeptical of prescription drugs and doctors in general but I've been living with this nightmare for so long I've been looking for a doctor specifically to get this treated. Gross question...does this eliminate the discharge? :/ thank you so much for sharing, I hope it works!!! Natural remedies all the way, namaste~

Lady Person

I was tested by blood & culture for candida and both came back negative. I'm pretty sure that BV is caused by a deficiency of lactobacillus, which is a good bacteria that regulates the pH. When we are deficient in lactobacillus, other bacteria breeds and it becomes BV. I just ordered a topical cream that has two strains of lactobacillus. I will try the peroxide thing while I'm waiting for the cream to arrive.


Yes it eliminates the discharge! But ladies please stay away from processed sugar until you start growing your lacataballius naturally again in your body. I slipped up and started eating sugar donuts and went to the beach and bam it returned :( but I'm starting my regimen again and taking my multi vitamin and vitamin c along with garlic pills and golden seal root!


What you took may work for both Candida and BV, but that does not mean that they are one in the same problem. BV is caused by a pH imbalance, and thus remedied by getting rid of the bad bacteria (which garlic can help to do), and restoring healthy pH (below 4.5) to promote growth of good bacteria.

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