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1- Rinse with warm salt water.
2-Dip a q-tip in rubbing alcohol then rub around bad tooth and spit out.
3-Dip a new q-tip in 100% pure vanilla extract then rub around bad tooth and spit out.
The pain went away instantly for me for sometimes 24 hours.
Also can rub Vick's Vapor Rub on jaw/face that covers bad tooth.
I swear by this home remedy for toothaches. I get calls from friends for this remedy when they or their family or friends have a toothache. It works for them as well! =o}

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Rubbing alcohol on the bad tooth really works wow


Rubbing Vicks Vapor Rub on my face not only did NOT help the toothache, now my EYE is irritated!


tried the pure vanilla tip first.. it lessened the pain, but pain is still hurting pretty bad. Going to try the alcohol next.. this pain is worst than my 100% med free natural labor and delivery!


Omg I love u for this I have had a real bad toothache for a few days and it worked


I truly hope the rubbing alcohol works, because I have 2 broken teeth, and have to wait until I get the list from my healthcare provider. One tooth is half broken and showing the nerve endings, so as I said, I hope and PRAY it works.


I did exactly what it said to do warm salt water rinse,rubbing alcohol, vanilla and the vicks rub and pain is gone thank you so much for the tips now I can sleep god bless


Thanks!! The alcohol really worked😀


Thank you the Vanilla extrat worked.


Thank you so much im 8months Pregnant ibeen up all night this really works god bless now me and the baby can rest.


Have been in agony from an infected tooth and tried the vicks vapor rub and it has done wonders for me!!!! I do have to keep reapplying after a few hours. Hasn't given me 100% relief but I would go 90.

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