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1- Rinse with warm salt water.
2-Dip a q-tip in rubbing alcohol then rub around bad tooth and spit out.
3-Dip a new q-tip in 100% pure vanilla extract then rub around bad tooth and spit out.
The pain went away instantly for me for sometimes 24 hours.
Also can rub Vick's Vapor Rub on jaw/face that covers bad tooth.
I swear by this home remedy for toothaches. I get calls from friends for this remedy when they or their family or friends have a toothache. It works for them as well! =o}

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Amazing.....this REALLY works, instant relief I used the alcohol and extract


Thank-you sooo much!! My tooth was THRUBBING and after using your suggestions it is soooooo much better!
You are a lifesaver!


Worked...! Dabb vicks on the gum and on for instant relief


Thank you this worked for my son. Pain stopped instantly. Yes!!


Yup,this was the only thing that really helped me too.


This is amazing, I've literally JUST applied remedy number 3(vanilla exract) & it's almost instantly worked.

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