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1- Rinse with warm salt water.
2-Dip a q-tip in rubbing alcohol then rub around bad tooth and spit out.
3-Dip a new q-tip in 100% pure vanilla extract then rub around bad tooth and spit out.
The pain went away instantly for me for sometimes 24 hours.
Also can rub Vick's Vapor Rub on jaw/face that covers bad tooth.
I swear by this home remedy for toothaches. I get calls from friends for this remedy when they or their family or friends have a toothache. It works for them as well! =o}

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Thank you odd enough this helped me.


Thank you . This works


Number 3 worked for me, vanilla extract, thanks


Actually does help :)

Drew A

Thank you. It worked for me too :)


This is really works!!! Love it!


Vanilla extract works!! :)


Yessssssss (nepoleon dynamite voice)


Ok I have a bad tootg ake and It onlt hurtz at night wwhen I try to sleep


I just tried it I hope it works I'm in a lot of pain

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