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I promised that once I was cured of this awful 'disease', that I would share my story...I had recurring bv and yeast for almost two years...I tried everything including antibiotics, the $30 otc inserts, every home remedy, you name it, but it always came back...I went to several doctors, and FINALLY!God sent me an Angel! I take orally and daily: folic acid, vitamin d3, a reg Wal-Mart probiotic, maca root drops in my water, all.just because I realized my hormones were completely thrown off when I started more bc!! anyhow so here is the good stuff! I finally had a doctor prescribe me with clindamycin inserts (3 day treatment) and diflucan (single tab 1 and done) after day 4,which was no meds at all, against my doctor's will I douched with hot water and peroxide....hallelujah amen! it has been weeks, and im fresh and clean and feel like a woman again, never stopped taking my vitamins, but the douche days and the struggle are over!!good luck and God bless! good bye yeast and bv!!hello life!

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stillfreshnsoclean update, still cured from bv and yeast,.and expecting!!we got pregnant as soon as the treatment was over, and every test has come up good and clean! good luck! (can you get pregnant with recurring bv and yeast infections? all I.know is literally that week we got pregnant! :-) and before we never got pregnant

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