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Yes, we all know. Canker sores suck!! Suck, suck, suck! I have suffered with canker sores for about 4 years now, chronically. I have braces as well, which makes them, like... 99.999% worse. I have one right now and I have a remedy that works wonders!
# First, brush your teeth with a soft bristled tooth brush to clean your mouth.
#Next, rinse your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide, careful! Do not swallow!
#Now, take a Q-tip, or your finger, whichever works best for you; and dab it directly on the sore. Keeping it there for 1-2 minutes. Do this 2-3 times. This may sting a little bit, but don't worry, not as bad as you might think, and trust me! It's so worth it!!
#The last thing you want to do is apply a little Orajel to the sore using a Q-tip preferably because you don't want to numb the rest of your mouth! This may sound stupid, because Orajel is not really a high quality product, but does numb temporarily well and helps tremendously in the healing process!!

To prevent those nasty suckers from forming, you can rinse your mouth out with salt water or hydrogen peroxide (totally your choice!) once to twice a day.

You can also switch to an all natural toothpaste, which does not have the substance that causes your toothpaste to foam up, which can however cause your canker sores.

Good luck!! And I hope this helps for you!

If this works for you, or you think you can do better, go ahead, let me know! I'd be glad to hear your comments and suggestions at

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Well, with your suggestion, you are gonna need a lot of luck.

While irritation of the mouth MAY increase the likelihood of a canker sore developing, there is no solid evidence to prove that it does. There is also no evidence that the type of toothpaste you use can cause or prevent canker sores. I have used many different types of toothpaste and it doesn't seem to have any effect on canker sores at all. I have tried rinsing my mouth daily with various suggested things such as hydrogen peroxide and baking soda in water, and while they did SEEM to work for awhile, eventually I got a canker sore anyway, which immediately proves such treatments are ineffective.

Applying any oral ointment has also caused my canker sores to last longer and increase in size.

Here is the only thing that actually works:

1. Avoid anything with Citric Acid during an outbreak (including Milk).
2. Take 600-800mg of Ibuprofen every 6 hours-- this is the max dose of Ibuprofen you can take.
3. Take a Vitamin B Complex Supplement in the morning with breakfast.
4. Take OTC Omeprazole to protect your stomach from the Ibuprofen.

Discontinue Ibuprofen and Omeprazole as soon as the pain goes away but continue taking the Vitamin. 99% of the time the sore will respond within 2 days, and it is best to start this regiment as soon as you develop a sore.


Thanks, but this does actually work for me extremely well.

Unicorn girl

If you are using hydrogen peroxide then you have to be so careful not to swollow it. It also can make you get sick, because of the chemicals in it. I WOULDN'T risk it. Sorry.


Stella, I don't think Hydrogen Peroxide would be good to put in your mouth. It is supposed to be used only externally. Even if you did manage to not swallow it, it will still be on your tongue.

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