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Over the last few years, I visited this site many times to find a remedy for my angular cheilitis. It started when I wore braces a few years ago, but still happens occassionally (even with braces gone), especially in the winter. Prevention is KEY, since once it happens, it's darn near impossible to get rid of. I tried many many remedies posted here, but surprisingly the one that worked - a $1 solution - Carmex Lip balm (the regular stick with the tube, not the sqeeze gloss or pot)! Not sure why it works so well (i had my doubts since it has camphor and menthol and 'burns' a bit when applied), but it actually healed the sores. I use a q-tip and apply a large dab at the corners of my mouth overnight and by morning, it's nearly healed. When I'm not having a outbreak, I use it regularly to prevent the problem. Plain petroleum jelly, other lip balms, anti-fungals, etc didn't work at all - in fact, they seemed to exacerbate the problem. It's a minor investment and worth a try for such a stubborn life-affecting problem!

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Nicole B

Best advice ever! I've had an on going issue with my cracked lips, especially the corners, for atleast a month and within 2 days its almost gone. You are a life saver!!

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