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Nothing worked until I tried organic extra virgin coconut oil. The tampon method doesn't work. I read a lot about soaking a tampon in yogurt, apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and even the coconut oil. Nothing with the tampon even the dutching with these things worked. Believe me I tried them all.

The only way I was able to get the coconut oil to work was to freeze small portions of the coconut oil and insert them using a tampon (you know where). I didn't leave the tampon on I just used it to insert the frozen coconut oil. After just 2 tries the awful smell and discharge was gone.

I suffered with bv for months before doing this method so I still do it every once in a while in fear that it will return. I know it sounds weird and uncomfortable I thought the same thing when I first heard of it but when your desperate you'll try anything.

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thank you... thank you...thank you! This worked wonders. I had a toe fungus and the doctor prescribed antibiotics for me...totally threw my body off...for the last 3 months bv would come rignt after my period. I used the coconut oil insert. I also drank acv and swabbed the outside of my vagina with it. I feel so much better.Thanks for sharing!


Im so glad this helped you. I just want to say I actually had toe fungus too and I cured that with apple cider vinegar. Just one cup of acv and water and soak toes a few times a week. I noticed the difference the 1st time I tried it. When im too lazy to do the foot soak I just pour some coconut oil and let it dry. Its worked great. Those stupid meds doctors prescribe have bad side affects including liver damage always best to do natural remedies. Thanks for commenting. It truly made my day.


What is account and how long did u wait between the 2 coconut oil inserts?


Auto correct!!! I meant what is acv not what account


How big does the oil pieces have to be?


acv is apple cider vinegar


How long do you leave the frozen oil in for? And how long of a time period should I wait before I do the oil treatment again?


What kind of coconut oil and where do you purchase it?!!!! Can this be used for bacterial infections as well??


I get my coconut oil at Costco (Sams Club) as of late - Extra Virgin - great for everything!


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I couldn't find EV Coconut oil at my local grocery stores or Target, but I found EV Coconut gel-caps in the health/gluten-free section at Fred-Meyer (a chain here in Washington) and was about to order it online. My goodness I wish I had known about this 10 yrs ago! Popped one up there and fresh as a daisy. I have tried prescription meds and gels, douches, diets etc and it always comes back. I had a boyfriend for a few years that it NEVER happened with, I guess our fluids were highly compatible, but with my ex-husband it was always an embarrassing issue. I seriously feel that this works better than anything I have EVER tried and I LOVE you for this advice. I hope you win the lottery because it really helped my PH issues :)

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